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To Conserve, Preserve, and Sustain Using Photography, Science, Technology, and Partnerships.

Our Mission and Approach

Finding Species’ mission is to:

Uniquely contribute to the resolution of critical environmental, conservation and biodiversity concerns through aesthetically beautiful, scientifically significant photographs. Finding Species approaches these large-scale challenges building from four cornerstones: photography, science, technology and partnerships.

Photography: We photograph species that need to be accurately identified because they are endangered, new to science, native to unique regions, or invasive and harmful to other species. We photograph habitats that need to be seen due to human encroachment. Finding Species ensures that each photographic portrait is of the highest aesthetic quality.

Science: We write profiles of species to accompany our photographs. We also write articles about biodiversity science. We use non-technical language to make field identifications easier, ultimately encouraging science accessibility for all.

Technology: We pioneer standardized methods and use professional equipment to make our photographs a permanent archive for humanity. We employ digital technologies and printed media in innovative ways reaching diverse and world-wide audiences. Our projects reconnect the public with their local and global biodiversity, some even creating citizen scientist data sets that can tell a story about climate change.

Partnerships: The combined creativity and knowledge of interdisciplinary teams is essential to our success. Finding Species’ board, staff, and volunteers come from different disciplines in biology, photography, policy, and finance. We actively build partnerships with government agencies, conservation organizations, museums, research scientists and universities, communities, and schools.

From these four cornerstones, Finding Species undertakes educational projects, conservation campaigns, and scientific research. Through all our programs, Finding Species makes the natural world and its species and habitats uniquely compelling and threats to them undeniable, so that each person is inspired to learn about and help protect them.